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Costs Associated with Grand Piano Moves
Pricing may likely vary based on the size of the size of the piano and the accessibility of both where it is and where it is going. In a hurry?

Start Contacting Moving Companies:

Contact Several Moving Companies: Contacting a good number of moving companies may be a great place to start if you are in a relative hurry to get your piano moved. Be aware that some movers are local companies and other movers may be regional, national or worldwide moving companies, so you may want to think about which may be right for your piano move.

Online Moving Companies: Moving companies may easily be contacted online. Many times the moving companies will list a phone number on their website that you can simply call and begin asking questions. Some moving companies tend to direct you to an online web form, which may likely take longer to get a response and may be less reliable. It is probably better to locate the company's website, find their phone number and simply call.

Ask friends: If you ask around, your friends or family may likely know of a trustworthy moving company that may be a good starting point. Movers are often able to redirect you to a more specialized mover if they are unable or unwilling to do specialized work, such as moving a grand piano.

Local Directories: Another excellent resources is by using locally available or online directories listing local businesses. These directories often contain reviews from other customers which may be helpful in determining which movers to contact regarding grand piano moves.


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Determine Grand Piano Type:

Type Identification: There are three main types of grand pianos, which are the: baby grand piano; studio grand piano; and parlor grand piano. In order to get a reasonably accurate price quote from a mover, you will need to know what type of grand piano you are trying to have moved.

Baby Grand Piano: Baby grand pianos are a smaller version of the traditional grand piano. While they may take up less space than their full-sized counterpart, they remain relatively difficult to move compared to an upright piano, for example. One reason they are challenging to move is due to their unusual shape and size, which makes safely maneuvering them a challenge, not to mention a safety issue. Baby grand pianos require openings generous enough in terms of width and height to pass through safely. In many common homes, it is not unheard of for the homeowner to resort to hiring a contractor to remove walls and/or doors in order to create an accessible path for the baby grand piano to either get out of the home or get into the home. General estimates to have a reputable and properly equipped and trained mover move a baby grand piano range from approximately $250 to $400.

Studio Grand Piano: Studio grand pianos are most often used in in professional recording studios. Studio grand pianos are both larger and heavier than baby grand pianos. Generally, studio grand pianos are not typically moved unless essential. If moving is needed, expect to pay at least $300 to $500 or more for a local move.

Parlor Grand Piano: Parlor grand pianos are are very large and heavy making them the most challenging grand piano to move. If moving the parlor grand piano can be avoided, that is best solution. If it is essential to move it, expect to pay at least $400 to $700 or more for a local move. While all grand pianos are best moved by a specialized piano moving expert, many feel it is critical when moving a parlor grand piano as the safety risks and costs involved strongly justify good planning and budgeting for such a move.

Local Piano Dealers

A trustworthy resource to contact for a referral to a reputable grand piano mover is to contact local piano dealers that may be familiar with piano moves and have a history and relationship with movers that have done a good job in the past.


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