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How to Move a Grand Piano in Fort Worth, TX:
Piano movers offering flat rate services may not be a good option when choosing reliable grand piano movers operating in the vicinity of Texas. Grand piano moving specialists located in the vicinity of Fort Worth

Asking the right way to move a large grand piano? looking for piano moving specialists servicing  Fort Worth you'll want to be sure the professional movers you hire have the right equipment.

Piano moving specialists in Fort Worth, Texas:

In case you are in Fort Worth, Texas and stumped with regard to move a grand piano, you'll want to be sure the local movers you contract know what they are doing. Any moving company that can be trusted to move a grand piano safely, should initially inspect the grand piano, properly disassemble certain parts from the baby, studio or parlor grand piano and wrap and protect each part of the grand piano in an organized manner. Be sure any grand piano mover you hire will wrap the main body of the grand piano in moving blankets prior to shrink wrapping the entire grand piano housing body.

Asking yourself the right way to relocate a piano in Texas.

The grand piano moving procedure:

In case you are concerned with the safety of your grand piano while loading in Fort Worth, here are steps to consider. Initially, plan to conduct a visual inspection documenting existing grand piano damage. The grand piano moving company representative in Fort Worth should suggest this. This inspection documents clear communication between you, the customer, and the grand piano moving specialists. This is the best time to discover pre-existing damage to the parlor, studio or baby grand piano.

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In case you're interested in worldwide movers low cost moving company in Fort Worth, you'll want to be sure the local movers you contract know what they are doing.

Neatly Pack Piano Parts in Fort Worth:

Whether you are interested in moving your grand piano locally in Fort Worth or another town in Texas or you are moving your grand piano worldwide movers, the moving specialists should carefully pack all removed pieces and hardware of the grand piano. First any leg supports should be removed and then the grand piano legs themselves. It is recommended only hand tools, be used to disassemble the grand piano to prevent damage from using a power tool. All removed grand piano hardware should be secured in clearly labeled, plastic bags and packed along with the grand piano pieces. Each grand piano piece should also be clearly labeled, which will help the movers, which may be a different crew, when reassembling the grand piano. Prior to loading, the grand piano and its pieces should be wrapped in moving blankets and secured with packing tape or shrink wrap.

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Piano Movers in Fort Worth:

When moving a grand piano in Fort Worth, TX, it is important to use a piano board which is specially designed to move grand pianos. Piano boards allow grand piano movers to use secure handles when moving the grand piano. A grand piano board also allows for a four wheel dolly to be securely strapped underneath. The combination of piano board and four wheel dolly makes the piano easier and safer to handle and maneuver, particularly with regard to “spinning” the piano into position when going up and down ramps or negotiating vestibules. Additionally, the straps placed over the grand piano are then used as additional handles. Upon placement in the moving truck or trailer, the grand piano should be placed in a sturdy position along the wall. A moving truck should have tie-down points where ratcheting straps can secure the grand piano to the wall.

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