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How to Move a Grand Piano:
How to much to hire a contractor to move my shed? Shrink Wrap, Piano Board & More Needed!

Using a low-boy to move a shed can help make the job not so tuff. Shed preparation includes removing all contents to be sure it is empty, especially of any hazardous materials.

How to Properly Move a Grand Piano

There is a very specific procedure a professional mover that is trustworthy and experienced will use when preparing for and moving a grand piano for a customer. Unfortunately there are inexperienced or less reputable moving companies, which may not be prepared or willing to take the time to bring the appropriate moving equipment for a grand piano to the job site. Moving a grand piano is not a simple task and requires some knowledge about the instrument, as well as patience to thoroughly inspect the grand piano, properly disassemble certain parts from the grand piano, wrap and protect each part in an organized manner, in addition to wrapping the main body of the grand piano in moving blankets prior to shrink wrapping the entire grand piano housing body.

Movers you can trust to move a grand piano are not always easy to find. When looking for a trustworthy moving company to safely transport a grand piano, be sure to ask if they will have moving blankets, shrink wrap, a piano board and hand tools, such as a screw driver set.

Transport on a Piano Board

Prior to any work being done, it is recommended that you and your moving company representative should together take the time to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the piano for any existing damage. This inspection allows adequate time to have clear communication between you, the customer, and your moving company. The inspection is the moving companies opportunity to discover, document and inform you of any pre-existing damage to the grand piano prior to the move. Identifying existing damage prior to work commencing is an important, and often skipped step, which can significantly reduce the amount of frustration both a piano owner and/or piano moving company may have if there are disagreements about suspected damage that may have occurred during the move, that was actually already there.

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Finding an affordable professional grand piano moving company that you can trust at competitive pricing may require you to search for a promo code or online discount coupon, such as a military or veteran's discount, when lowest cost moving companies are what you are after.

Professional Movers Use Safe Equipment

Whether you are interested in moving your grand piano locally in the same town or a town nearby, or you are looking to move your grand piano across the country or worldwide, specialized moving equipment and packing material is made available to the professional moving industry to safely transport grand pianos. Movers should place all removed piano hardware in plastic bags which should then be promptly labeled and packed along with the piano pieces. Each piece should be clearly labeled, which will help the movers when it comes time to reassemble the piano at the new home you are moving to, or its ultimate destination. These pieces may be appropriately secured with packing tape or shrink wrap. First any leg supports should be removed and then the piano legs themselves should be removed. It is highly recommended only hand tools, such as a hand phillips or flat head screwdriver, be used to disassemble and assemble the piano to avoid damage from an over-powered or misplaced power tool, which could easily damage the grand piano even prior to its transport by the professional moving crew.

Moving a grand piano can be an overwhelming task leaving some residential home owners wondering where to start when planning a grand piano move, family-owned small moving businesses that are highly rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) may be a consideration in addition to the big names, such as Allied, Universal, Mayflower, World Movers, American or Atlas Moving Company.

Specialized Movers May Cost More

A piano board is specially designed to move certain types of pianos. You can hand carry it more easily because it has handles and it also allows for a four wheel dolly to be strapped underneath. The combination of piano board and four wheel dolly makes the piano easier and safer to handle and maneuver, particularly with regard to “spinning” the piano. The roller allows the piano optimal positioning throughout the move until it is secured. Additionally, the straps that are placed over the piano to secure it are then used as handles to grip throughout the process of getting the piano to the transport vessel. Upon placement in the moving truck or trailer, the piano should be placed in a sturdy position along the wall. A moving truck should have tie-down points where ratcheting straps can secure the piano to the wall. Depending on the scenario, it is often the case that a different moving crew will be assembling the piano, in which case it is even more important to pack the piano and its pieces in an organized and intuitive manner with properly and clearly labeled hardware components and piano pieces. Pieces should be wrapped in moving blankets and loaded onto the truck.


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